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Purple Haze Spray Wax is a concentrated Teflon spray wax detailer that leaves a long lasting, slick surface deep protective shine. Just mist and wipe. Grape Gloss removes dirt, dust, fresh tree sap, bird droppings, bugs and fingerprints from glass, metal, plastic,wood and painted surfaces. Purple Haze Spray Wax leaves no streaks or powdery residue. Grape Gloss can also be used on a wet vehicle and wiped dry for a brilliant spot-free, water beading shine. Biodegradable.

Purple Haze Spray Wax Teflon spray wax is specially formulated to be used as a quick detailer on a wet or dry car. Most spray detailers are made with propolyene glycol which acts as a gloss enhancer, but only lasts for a few days and does not protect your finish. Purple Haze Spray Wax contains a special polymer wax with Teflon that cleans, shines and protects. It can be used on chrome, stainless, Glass, painted surfaces, plastic & wood surfaces. Grape Gloss will bead for up to 30 days on a black car in the hot Florida sun with just one application. It can be used on a dry dusty or dirty car and will not leave swirly scratches. You can also spray Purple Haze Spray Wax on an unwaxed car (good finish) and feel the difference of a smooth/slick waxed finish. Purple Haze Spray Wax is easy to use and will not leave wax residue on plastic surfaces or body moldings. It can also be used on your winshield and the water will bead off as you drive resulting in minimal use of your wipers. A light mist goes a long way.